best accounting software in Dubai UAE

Top 5 Accounting Software Solutions for Efficient Financial Management in Dubai UAE

Dubai UAE offers a wide range of accounting and business management software options, which can make it challenging for business owners and managers to choose the right package. If you have outsourced accounting services, the accounting firm will provide a suitable software system. However, if you have an in-house finance team, selecting the software becomes crucial. While most software offerings can handle basic accounting functions well, the variations lie in user interfaces, additional functions, and special features included. Some packages cater to specific business sectors, sizes, or types, while others claim to be suitable for all.


Are you tired of constantly reminding your teams to complete tasks that could easily be automated by an ERP system? Do you find yourself using multiple standalone software that don’t communicate with each other, resulting in duplicated efforts to input information? These are common concerns among our clients, which is why they are seeking automated solutions like an ERP system. 

Our expertise lies in customizing the renowned ERP Odoo to meet your company’s specific requirements, resulting in a 50% reduction in man-hours spent on operating disconnected software and applications. It’s no wonder that 7 million users worldwide have chosen Odoo to drive exponential business growth Read More.

2. Zoho Books

ZOHO is widely recognized for its exceptional versatility and seamless integration with numerous popular programs. Whether you prefer using Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other platform, ZOHO ensures effortless cloud storage. Moreover, its mobile versions are compatible with iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone, guaranteeing constant accessibility to your work. 

With ZOHO, you can efficiently manage various tasks such as sales, purchase orders, billing, payments, banking, and stay connected with estimates, projects, and workflows. Additionally, ZOHO’s VAT integration is crucial in complying with the new laws and avoiding costly penalties, as it is officially approved by the FTA (Federal Tax Authorities) of the Dubai UAE. Overall, ZOHO is an outstanding choice for consumers seeking a comprehensive accounting solution Read More.

3. SAGE 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP Dubai is positioned as a modern substitute for conventional ERP solutions, providing a user-friendly cloud-based subscription service compatible with all browsers. While its interface is more sophisticated than QuickBooks, it offers enhanced features for experienced users. Additionally, there is an option to install a customizable version on the company’s infrastructure, tailored to meet specific business needs. Sage 300 ERP is scalable and adaptable, making it an ideal choice for mid-sized businesses looking to expand Read More.


Tally ERP 9 comes in different versions, each tailored for a specific purpose, business type, or user. All versions begin with the Tally.ERP9 feature set and incorporate additional functionality or features that cater to the needs of different business users. Tally.ERP9 is promoted as a comprehensive business management solution and has a user base of nearly one million worldwide. 

It offers a wide range of business management functions, such as audit support, tax records, support for multi-location businesses, and the ability to manage multiple businesses. Additionally, it provides robust connectivity to ensure that records across multiple locations are always synchronized and up to date Read More.


Xero has revolutionized the accounting industry by introducing a modern cloud-based accounting system that has attracted millions of companies. This innovative platform not only saves time for accountants, but it also offers an App Store where users can connect numerous popular apps to their Xero Accounting, transforming their traditional accounting practices into a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art system. These apps cover various functions such as sales, CRM, HR, E-commerce, and inventory management. 

As a certified Partner of Xero, Push Digits Global can provide assistance with implementation, training, and accounting on Xero, leveraging our extensive experience with the platform. Make the decision today to switch from outdated accounting methods to digital cloud-based accounting, a choice you won’t regret.