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SAGE 200 evolution
Dubai introduction

Are you facing difficulty to get an integrated and holistic view of your organization? If Yes, Then find a Sage 200 Evolution partner in Dubai, UAE. By bringing all the aspects of your organization environment together, Sage 200 Evolution in UAE is a Business Management Software Solution that provides you the ability to manage your financial position as well as maintain your contacts with your customers, suppliers and employees.
Sage 200 Evolution provides a complete finance module, which includes invoicing orders, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order fulfilment with built in CRM ,inventory functionality to adapt to a variety of industry requirements. Key Features include –

  • Fully integrated business software solution.
  • You can improve customer and supplier relations with help SAGE 200 Evolution.
  • Industry specific modules which covers all types of business.
  • Very User friendly and simplified reporting.
  • Secure, robust and scalable .

Modules in SAGE 200 Evolution companies in UAE, Middle East

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Control
  • Cash Book
  • Unit of Measure
  • Dimension Items
  • Goods Received Voucher
  • Import Cost Allocations
  • Invoicing
  • Project Tracking
  • Sales & Purchase Order Entry
  • Alert Management
  • Advanced Security
  • Microsoft® Office Integration
  • Graphs
  • Central Search and KPI Dashboards
  • System Audit Manager
  • Tax Module
  • Visual Reports
  • Report Writer & Stationery
  • Customisation
  • SagePay
  • Pricing Matrix
  • Annuity Billing
  • Bank Statement Manager
  • Customer Credit Risk Management
  • Sage 200 Evolution CRM Standard
  • Annuity Billing
  • Lot Tracking
  • Bank Statement Manager
  • Manufacturing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Branch Accounting
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Warehousing
  • Sage 200 Evolution Intelligence Reporting
  • Municipal Billing
  • Debtors Manager
  • Payroll
  • Customer Account Consolidations
  • Point of Sale
  • Customer Credit Risk Management
  • Pricing Matrix
  • Delivery Management
  • Procurement
  • Advanced Procurement
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sage 200 Evolution CRM Standard
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Sage 200 Evolution CRM Premium*
  • Job Costing
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Voucher Management
  • Service Manager
  • Global Tax

General ledger module key features

  • The General Ledger is the backbone of a company. All processing will automatically reflects in the General Ledger.
  • SAGE 200 Evolution has no tedious month or year-ends which helps the finance upto date for the companies in UAE. The SAGE Pastel Evolution
  • is a date driven, allowing users to post transactions to any period at any time. One can block periods that are completed transactions, by preventing other users for accessing them in error and stores unlimited number of year data.
  • If your COA is complex and multidimensional, then user can create GL accounts using multiple segments up to ten levels.
  • User can print checks of any banks in UAE with the help of SAGE 200 Evolution. The cheque forms are fully customizable to update requirements from different banks.
  • Unlimited Financial Periods can be maintained in SAGE PASTEL Evolution 200 Dubai from top suppliers.
  • One can control and maintain outstanding orders, processed orders and back orders. The module is fully integrated into Sage 200 Evolution’s Stock Module, Receivables and Payables modules.
  • Print and save PO and so, and then fill these orders in part or in whole, keeping track of outstanding orders.
  • sales and purchases can allocate to projects.
  • Sales Representative can be allocated in header level or line level.
  • Stock can be reserved in SAGE 200 ERP.
  • Automatic purchase order can set in system when item reach re order level.
  • Creation of quotes and convert in to order once order confirmed.
  • Good reporting tool in system to keep track of outstanding’s
  • Consolidate Multiple orders in to single order.

Inventory module in sage 200 ERP Dubai

Sage 200 Evolution’s Providers in Dubai, UAE supplies powerful Inventory module which gives you unlimited control over your stock. The software provides both consolidated MIS reports as well as detailed operational reports, all customizable as per user. The below are the Key features when we compare with SAGE 300 ERP.
• Work more accurately within grids using the copy and paste feature from Microsoft Excel in various inventory forms. Import in to SAGE 200 Evolution by making changes.
• The ability to specify a purchase and sales unit for each inventory item and advises which unit will be used to account for the inventory on hand. Control stock more efficiently by creating multiple barcodes per item, barcodes per UOM and pricing per UOM.
• Dimension option gives you the ability to stock items using specific dimensions such as m²and m³. User can specify buying and selling dimensions depending on the type of product.
• Define attributes per stock item for proper reporting and maintaining of inventory items
• Make an attribute group with attribute types to manage stock at a more granular level.
• GRN allows receive and immediately update your stock levels. This is based on a delivery from your Vendor and user do not have to update the supplier account until you receive the Final supplier invoice.
• When you import items, there will be additional costs that do not originate from the Vendor. For example, Shipping cost, customs duty etc. This import cost allocation feature allows you to add these additional costs at the time as the Goods Received Voucher. The software uses the additional costs to calculate the product costs correctly. if no Import Cost allocation, user have to process these costs at another time and then adjust the cost with items manually.
• System have 3 stage Invoicing which perform invoicing in stages, by issue the stock first, in some cases customer only wanted a consolidated invoice at month end or invoicing a customer first, before receiving of goods have taken place. The best option about this function is that it makes use of a Delivery Accrual account giving you peace of mind that your Cost of Sales account will balance at the end of the day.
• User can process Customer GRV and CN based on the stage in which the stock was issued.


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