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We are on of the Best SAGE HRMS Software providing companies in Dubai, UAE which includes all HR & Payroll Solutions required for the organizations. Our SAGE System, SAGE X3 People is a very extensive, future-proof solution & a perfect match Solution for our specific requirements. We process close to 10000 payslips every month, and this application will help improve our efficiency. 

Sage X3 People, as a very simple and flexible HR & Payroll software complemented by a smart, modular HR cloud suite, which assures more efficiency and control over the cost of your workforce unifying payroll, HR and financial data, and Companies can forecast present and future costs.

Key features of SAGE X3 People Payroll
modules for Dubai , UAE

Why SAGE X3 PEOPLE HR and Payroll Software
more popular in Dubai, UAE

Sage X3 People is customized for African and GCC countries by Sage HR & Payroll, a division of Sage South Africa. Sage HR & Payroll in Dubai is a leading supplier for payroll & HRMS on the African and Middle East continent. Sage is the United Arab Emirates market leader for accounting Software’s, HRMS & payroll and Integrated payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s organizations. Sage began their business in the UK 35 years ago and over 13000 employees now support millions of organizations over 20 countries as they power the global economy.

 We reinvent and simplifies companies accounts through smart technologies, working with a thriving community of organizations, business owners, tradespeople, partners , accountants and developers. SAGE encompasses a complete set of ESS with help of SAGE X3 HR Software In Dubai which processes throughout the employee lifecycle. It depends upon the needs of the companies, whether it is Medium or Enterprise companies, SAGE Payroll Software from Dubai which helps you to manage your business.

SAGE HR & Payroll software
Dubai modules


Functional structure adapted to multiple ways and decentralized organizations:
• Complete detailed employee record with history
• Pre-onboarding file record and data review before save.
• Mobile app for pre-onboarding.
• Contract and documents generation through HR module
• Managing concurrent contracts, multiple employment creation includes part time. Full time etc.
• Employee Health check-up, work permit creation and regulatory authorizations tracking, monitoring and relevant alerts
• Loan management through Loan and advances module

• Payroll creation, payroll processing, statutory declarations and annual reports
• Accounting process, payment management through SAGE X3 People Payroll Software Dubai
• Back-pay, regularizations
• Adherence with training, payment and expense tracking, time and daily activity management

• Forecasting and monitoring of Employees work hours and costs
• Attendance monitoring, leave management, illness, accidents etc.
• Management of worker hours, shifts and cycles, hours, bonuses and leave entitlement calculation and valuation.
• Predictive calendars or Employee attendance history reports generation.

• Skills and competencies tracking and employees mapping.
• Strengths and improvements analysis by organizations, subsidiary, branch.
• Jobs, roles & missions definition with skills requirements and compensation package.
• Performance appraisal, skills assessment, training programs and skills transfers planning.
• Define scarce & critical skills at position level.

Self-service portal for employees
and management

• Allows users to interact with their data, employee record, leave Management, balances, IBAN, schedules, expense claims, training request, individual and Employees training programs, interviews etc.
• Electronic data management capabilities including payslip review and printing.
• Real-time access to data of employees key monitoring functions, absenteeism, contact details, skills, etc.
• Increase dialogue between back office and subsidiaries.
• Simple tracking of requests.
• Ease of exchange processes from payroll preparation to performance of Employees.

Appraisals & interviews

• Appraisal of goals & achievements.
• Performance assessment tools with Employee Wise.
• Skills review & training requests collection.
• Provides a framework trough the Employee self-service portal for an interactive dialogue.

Training management

• Budget wizard to define training plans & budget.
• Multi periods budgets in SAGE X3 People Payroll software UAE.
• Training, requests and auto detection.
• Training costs calculation, budget control.
• Training path, organization & tracking of training actions.
• Live training catalogue within Employee self-service portal.

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