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Yestech Solutions is an emerging Business Solutions provider headquartered in Dubai and  We are specialize in offering HR Software Dubai and Business Applications for companies of all sizes in the Middle East. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art software applications to our esteemed customers worldwide.

Yestech Management Solutions, on the other hand, is a leading provider of various software solutions such as ERP Systems, Accounting Software, HR & Payroll Solutions, Fixed Asset Management Software, Property Management Software, and Point of Sale Solutions to clients throughout the Middle East.

Innovative HRMS Modules
& Features to Improve
Workforce Analytics

Yestech HR software in Dubai offers a comprehensive range of employee management solutions that cater to the entire employee lifecycle. The software is customizable to meet the specific needs of businesses, whether they are small, medium, or enterprise-sized. Additionally, our payroll software from Dubai is designed to assist you in efficiently managing your business operations

Managing payroll and HR without software in Dubai can be an arduous task, regardless of the company size. Whether it’s a small business with fewer than 50 employees or a large enterprise with over 5000 employees, our HR system in Dubai offers the best solution at an affordable price. It is highly customizable to meet your specific needs.

The process of recruitment and training involves selecting the most suitable employees for the organization at the appropriate time and place to meet their business objectives. Yestech HR and payroll solutions, based on cloud technology, provide a systematic approach to organizing recruitment and training for your company in Dubai.

If you are struggling with managing your company’s employee documents, our HRMS software in Dubai offers the best solution. It allows you to easily upload all employee documents into the system and receive notifications via email or SMS based on your system settings.

Performance Evaluation & Appraisals

Managing employee performance manually can be a challenging task. Our customizable payroll software, designed in Dubai, offers a systematic solution to track and monitor employee performance using a standardized template within the system.

Employee & Manager Self Service

The ESS module is essential for organizations to efficiently monitor employee requests for various applications. Without it, tracking employee requests would be extremely challenging. Our HRMS UAE software is designed to handle all types of employee self-services, empowering them to manage their requests independently with the assistance of our expert training.

Organizational Hierarchy

Our HR Software Vendor in Dubai offers the finest organizational charts, known as Org Charts, that provide a graphical representation of the management and employee relationships. With our user-friendly interface, users can easily utilize drag and drop functionality and explore drill down options using the mouse.

Daily Task Management

Our HRMS software includes a Task Management module that allows the management to monitor the daily activities of all employees. To access this solution, it is recommended to find a reputable HR software dealer in Dubai.


Claims & Reimbursement​

 To ensure efficient handling of employee claims and reimbursements, it is essential for companies to implement an automated claim management HR system provided by a reputable provider in Dubai. This system will effectively control and prevent any duplication of claims, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy in payroll transfers.

Project Management

In Dubai, there are automated HRMS Solutions dealers available for employees to request and employers to manage project hours. These dealers provide a system with formula writers that can help manage various types of projects, similar to using Excel formulas.


Loan & Advance

The system offers an EMI option that can minimize errors in manual loan and advance calculations. A comprehensive loan and advance module provided by a HRMS software vendor in Dubai can efficiently handle these tasks through proper training.

Leave & Attendance Management

Integrating an automated attendance machine with HR software can effectively address various attendance-related tasks. Our HRMS software provider in Dubai specializes in seamless integration of this process, ensuring accurate results.

Industries from Dubai Using Our HR Software

How to Choose the Best HR & Payroll Software for Your Trading Company in Dubai?


The implementation of HRMS software for trading companies in Dubai enables the automation of various HR-related activities, including payroll processing, shift scheduling, and duty rosters. By utilizing the top HRMS software in Dubai, trading companies can effectively manage and oversee these processes.

Benefits of Using HRMS Software in Dubai's Oil & Gas Sector


It is very difficult to manage the HRMS and Payroll in Dubai for Oil & Gas industry employees because of their duty and leave schedule system. We provides a Customizable HR software which very flexible for UAE labor laws and user can modify the rules by using the HRMS Dubai laws.

Transforming Construction HR Operations in Dubai with Web or Cloud Software


construction companies will struggle to manage their payroll and
attendance with a cloud based HRMS Software in Dubai because their employees
working hours calculations, OT Calculation and their always different. When you
use Payroll software in Dubai you can manage and automize it easily.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Customizing HRMS Software for Retail Business in Dubai


Retail business consist of Duty Roaster, Shift Scheduling, Overtime for Employees which will be very difficult hazard to manage. If you plan to buy from a Payroll Software in Dubai these will be very easy process because all the above process will be under a software and it will calculate automatically.

How to Optimize Payroll Management for Production-Based Companies in Dubai


Are you facing difficulty to manage your employees working hours and related calculation then this is the right time to choose a best Payroll Software from Dubai which can manage all types of complex calculations.

Essential Features of HR and Payroll Software for Fruits & Vegetable Trading in Dubai


When you trade Fruits and Vegetables, there will split shift, Duty Roaster and other kind of complex time in and out calculation. If you are searching for Top HRMS & Payroll software provider in Dubai for this kind calculation  then we provide it.

Ways To Grow In Dubai With
Our Top HRMS Software


Efficiency and cost control

Empower your managers to improve business performance with unified HR and financial data, forecasting present and future costs whilst streamlining operations with automated workflows with and HRMS Software from Dubai.

Engage your employess with HR software Dubai

Ensure higher employee retention and engagement with HR self-service delivery, and manage employee development with faster and simpler access to HRMS Software and core HR information. You can also integrate the Payroll software from Dubai to accounts.

Benefits from integrating HR and finance:

  1.  Payroll process errors are reduced by more than 20%
  2. Tracking actual time worked error rate is reduced by more than 24%
  3.  Manual transactions decrease dramatically, from 5,9% to 0,1%
  4. Collaboration across departments and divisions is more than 3 times higher

Gain Compliance & Visibility

Your organisation is required to maintain compliance on an ongoing
basis. You need a solution to support the management of your internal
HR processes and that helps you to track, report and demonstrate that
policies are applied in line with changing regulations, and kept safe with
critical documentation storage. Ensure compliance and provide real-time, secure HRMS Solutions data in Dubai for your internal and external stakeholders, with document management, dashboards, self-service intelligence and reporting tools.

serve your mobile workforce

Have you thought about providing your employees with anytime access to real-time information? Providing web access to core HR data to your managers, on any device and on any browser, gives them the freedom to take decisions, wherever they are. Go where your business takes you, with anytime access to HR services and key performance indicators through mobile access on any device

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when we present a business case, they come up with a software solution, they present a POC and then we move forward. And that’s the nature of the relationship – they’re very professional and always willing to help up, take care of our rights with their expertise, they have a great Technical and leadership team that's why we’re glad to partner with them.
MR. Sanjay Sharma
Finance Manager- EMICOOL
"Our company processes the salaries of about 1000 employees with the help of their HR Software. Using Yestech HR Software simultaneously helps us optimising our existing processes, ensuring the centralisation and integration of information."

Mr. Anoj Kumar
CEO - Taurus General Contracting LLC
we implemented SAGE Payroll software in our company. They completed the implementation as per the scope and we are so happy to recommend you.
We are using their HRMS Software and ERP software from the last 5 years and their support and response time is so good.

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